Fair introduction of local attractions is available at wikitravel websites. Please note that not all information is always correct. For example, the “Climate” section at Hue web is completely wrong. Add at least 20% to prices stated in wikitravel. The most visited tourist attractions near Hue are:

  1. Hue and surroundings
  2. Hoi An historical town. The town center is compact and you will find it relaxing just walking through narrow streets full of shops selling usual tourist-oriented kitsch and valuable local crafts. Ask for discount on posted prices. In the evening look for a pub selling “fresh beer” – tap beer of low alcohol content sold at extremely low price (from 12 to 50 cents per glass). Guesthouses by the channel west from the town on the way to the coast are particularly nice to sip your beer from. Stay in a guest house/hotel inside/next to historical center. The local bus station is 2 km north-east from the old town.
  3. My Son is one of the most important archeological sites in sout-east Asia. Unfortunately, it has been heavily bombarded during the American war so only few temples still stand. Reconstruction is under way, but it seems it will take decades. If you arrange your own trip, be sure that the taxi waits for you at the entrance of the sanctuary – pay only when you are back to your hotel. Most people book a day trip to the My Son from the hotel. The pick-up is in the morning (the bus is usually late), then the bus drives through the town picking more passengers, what is followed by an hour or more driving to the sanctuary. Before entering the My Son, the bus stops at a shop giving you at least half an hour to use restroom and buy drinks and souvenirs at inflated prices. You are free to explore the ruins for 2-3 hours, then the bus brings you back to Hoi An. Alternatively, you can choose the river trip by a small boat (theoretically accommodating 40 passengers) at extra cost. Very basic lunch is included.
  4. Da Nang is a large city with numerous street pubs: in the late afternoon the pavements in downtown become busy selling simple food and cheap beer. Guests sit on small plastic chairs and usually drink more than one beer. Little English is spoken, but the chefs will understand your needs. Cheap accommodation is available in downtown hotels, while most of the expensive hotels are on the perfect sandy beach 2-3 km from downtown. The sea water is surprisingly clean and many locals take a swim in the afternoon. The stretch of the beach closest to downtown becomes very lively in the evenings when numerous restaurants/stalls serve delicious food, specializing in seafood. These restaurants are more expensive than stalls in the downtown.
  5. Phong Nha Caves are one of the best karst caves in the world and not visited by many tourists. They are on the list of UNESCO heritage. Either you book one of the organized tours or (if you are adventurous) go there by your own – it will take more time but you will dictate your own schedule and explore the caves in peace. Don’t forget mosquito repellent.

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