Our Valuable Team Members
Gregor Primc
Gregor PrimcDirector, Developer
Gregor is the team’s lead developer. He is a huge sports fan, especially ridding bicycle, who transferred his eagerness and persistence on the business area. He is also a technology enthusiast. His background is in electronic engineering, ICP plasma processes, plasma diagnostics and some programming experiences.

Addiction: chocolate
Favorite quote: every second counts (L. A.)
I wish: this company’s success

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Miran Mozetič
Miran MozetičDeputy Director, Technology expert
Miran has vast knowledge about plasma technology and diagnostics, holds more than 15 patents (EU, USA, DE…) and is present in different committees and boards. Together with the company Kolektor, he is a proud owner of Slovenian Puh award. His passion is hiking and exploring foreign countries.

Favorite quote:
I wish:

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Kaja Primc
Kaja PrimcSales, Marketing
Kaja is responsible for finding ways to sell our products. She is eternal thinker, creative entrepreneur and good negotiator. Her background is in marketing, strategic management and environmental management. She is a former Harvard student and Australian Government’s Scholarship recipient.

Addiction: internet browsing
Favorite quote: less is more (more or less)
I wish: to travel the world for a year

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Rok Zaplotnik
Rok ZaplotnikResearcher, Developer
Rok is an excellent researcher and developer. He keeps researching and digging until he gets to the bottom of it. His background is plasma physics, OES analysis and plasma diagnostics.
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Alenka Vesel
Alenka VeselDeveloper, Research Engineer
Alenka is responsible for research and development. Her background is in physics, surface engineering, plasma technologies and plasma diagnostics.

Addiction: activities in mountains
Favorite quote: If you want something done right, do it yourself
I wish: a day had more hours

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Žika Brankov
Žika BrankovFinances, Advisor
Žika is the team’s finance consultant. He is also a huge sports fan and passionate outdoor cook. He is a former active football player knowing that the only way to success is team work.

Addiction: sharing good food with close friends and family
Favorite quote: all that shines is not gold
I wish: new copper cooking kettle

Detailed C. V. and references