Nestled in the midst of mountains nature invites in all its glory. The area of the Slovenian Alps represents the intersection of three large mountain massifs and the pre-Alpine hills. The pristine nature of Triglav National Park boasts exceptional beauty in its hills, lakes and valleys. In the Soča Valley you can admire one of the most beautiful Slovenian rivers, and Bled Island is a unique symbol of Slovenia. Alpine hills and valleys are criss-crossed with exceptional hiking trails. The peaks reaching 2,500 metres and higher will open up magnificent views over the nearby mountains and valleys. Hikers will admire romantic mountain lakes, Alpine plants and crystal clear springs. Climb the highest peaks – Triglav, Škrlatica, Mangart, Jalovec, Špik, Krn – or ascend the idyllic Pokljuka plateau, a paradise for hikers and mushroom hunters alike, and the site of major world biathlon competitions. Enjoy the natural beauty of the only national park in the country, named after Slovenia’s highest mountain, Triglav (2864 m). The park embraces the widely celebrated Lake Bled and the popular Lake Bohinj, both of which offer numerous opportunities for activities that take good advantage of the thrilling nature. Hikers can venture up to the picturesque peaks of the Julian Alps, and thrill seekers will get a rush riding the rapids of the Soča River.

Gozd Martuljek is a settlement, which belongs to the municipality of Kranjska Gora. It ss a stretched village located along the Jesenice – Kranjska Gora main road. It lies on both banks of the river Sava Dolinka. The settlement offers a wonderful view of the top Špik, which is part of the mountain chain Martuljška group in the bay of the Julian Alps. Gozd Martuljek, which was once called Rute, was mainly established by farm houses and large commercial buildings, some of which can still be seen in the Lower Routes village. In the village there is a modern hotel Špik, cottages, restaurants, post office, shop, smaller church and more. We can also see a monument of the National Liberation War. Animal husbandry with mountain pastures is still important. From the center of the village, we can head to the Upper Martuljek Waterfall.

In the summer- and late spring-time, Kranjska Gora with its colourful events becomes an excellent starting point for various sports and adrenaline activities or just a place to share good company and relax. It offers the possibility of beautiful walks around Alpine forests and surrounding mountains; the entire net of mountain trails features almost 100kilometres of paths, with 232 kilometres of marked and well-maintained bike paths intended also for roller skating enthusiasts. The breathtaking nature with a colourful flora and fauna invites you on a photo safari – taking photos of animals living in the Alpine world – you can also go fishing, horseback riding etc. There is also a golf course for the increasingly popular golf, featuring 8 holes, a driving range and a putting green. Suggestions for short trips to the surrounding areas:

  • The Kranjska Gora Village;
  • the Liznjek homestead (Museum in Kranjska Gora);
  • Zelenci – the spring of the Sava Dolinka River;
  • ski jumps in Planica;
  • Tamar;
  • Vrata;
  • Radovna…glacial valleys;
  • the Slovenian alpine museum in Mojstrana;
  • the Kajžnik House in Rateče;

The closest airport is Jože Pučnik – Brnik Airport (Ljubljana, Slovenia). It is about 20 minutes car drive from Ljubljana and 45 min drive from conference venue (Gozd Martuljek) with good connections to all major Europe airports.

Transportation from the airport or main bus/train station (Ljubljana) to Hotel Špik will be arranged for all. It is not included in the conference fee and has to be payed separately.

Jože Pučnik – Brnik airport web page.

For everyone coming by their own transportation:


Main bus station is located close to Ljubljana’s center. On the web page you can check the timetable. Add “Ljubljana avtobusna postaja” as your entering station and “Gozd Martuljek Zg. Rute” as your exit station. The Hotel Špik is in walking distance (about 200 m) of your exit station. Please note that the timetables will be known 1 week before the conference. Normally buses leave from Ljubljana anytime between 7:00 and 16:00.


For those coming by train – unfortunately there is no near-by train station to the Hotel Špik. The closes one is in a place “Jesenice”, which is almost 20 km away. A good way to come by train is to exit at “Jesenice” and take bus to “Gozd Martuljek”. On the train station’s web page you can check the timetable. Add “Ljubljana” as your entering station and “Jesenice” as your exit station. Normally trains drive through the whole day. Then, on the bus station’s web page,  check the timetable by adding “Jesenice” as your entering station and “Gozd Martuljek Zg. Rute” as your exit station. Hotel Špik is in walking distance (about 200 m) of your exit station. Please note that the timetables will be known 1 week before the conference.


Hotel’s address is “Jezerci 21, Gozd Martuljek”. All participants have free parking at the hotel. You can reach the hotel from multiple directions.

  • From Ljubljana – follow yellow signs on the high-way for “Jesenice” or “Kranjska Gora”. Take the exit “Kranjska Gora” and at a T-cross turn left (for “Kranjska Gora”). Follow along the way to “Gozd Martuljek” and look for a sign that has Hotel Špik written on it (right turn).
  • Coming from or through Austria there are two options: through “tunnel Karavanke” or “Korensko Sedlo“. I would recommend the first option.
  • From Italy via “Rateče” border crossing to “Podkoren”, then “Kranjska Gora” arriving to Hotel Špik.
  • For the more adventurous types coming from Italy there are two crossings: “Učja” or “Predel pass“. Both roads join in “Bovec” and go along Soča valley through “Trenta” and “Vršič” (Slovenian highest mountain pass) to “Kranjska Gora” and Hotel Špik.

In the idyllic and tranquil setting of Gozd Martuljek, five kilometres from Kranjska Gora, is located amidst unspoilt nature the Špik Alpine Resort. The entire offer of the resort is based on the unique and natural Alpine world, stressing its sustainable character and awareness of natural beauty and tradition. These important values cover the relationship with the local environment, relaxation, exercise and dynamics – a care for the quality of life. The Špik Resort has its own special character. The natural materials bring warmth and kindness to the facility, while the wide open view of nature soothes and relaxes.