The recently invented technique for treatment of biological materials with gaseous plasma treated medium has a great potential in future applications in agriculture and medicine. Plasma creates a variety of reactive species in liquid media that interact with organic materials. The interactions lead to destruction of organic molecules in the media, disinfection or even sterilization of materials as well as apoptosis or even necrosis of the biological cells. The application is foreseen for ecologically benign treatment of fruit and vegetables prior packaging, plants and seeds for faster growing and germination as well as curing cancer diseases, especially gastroenterological and skin cancers. Many groups worldwide have shown beneficial results but there are also reports on marginal improvements or even noxious or otherwise harmful results. A key open issue is selectivity of interaction between plasma treated medium and biological materials. Decontamination or disinfection will be useful only if the treatment of biological materials with plasma-treated medium is harmless to the biological cells. Cancer curing will be applicable only if normal cells are much less sensitive to the treatment. It was also shown by few authors that mild treatment even facilitates multiplication of cells and thus growing of tumours. The goal of the workshop is therefore a discussion about the critical parameters that allow for beneficial results but prevent unwanted effects. A frank estimation on applicability of such treatments will be a key result of the workshop. Distinguished scientists from world leading groups in this multidisciplinary field are invited to attend the workshop.